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10-2-4 Ranch Hunting Packages

Trophy Whitetail Deer, Exotic & Bird Hunting Packages

Every hunter knows that a successful hunt hinges on a well-placed shot, and the 10-2-4 Ranch is your well-placed hunting destination. This first class, almost 2,000-acre ranch boasts some of the finest big game and bird hunting in Northern Texas. The 10-2-4 Ranch is specifically cultivated for the best of both worlds — big game hunters delight in quality high-scoring whitetail bucks, while bird hunters revel in action-packed quick-flying quail, pheasant and chukar.

Larry with Buck by 10-2-4 Ranch


All whitetail hunts are up to three days and two nights and include lodging, food, beverages, guide, transportation on the ranch and prep of trophy for transport. A 10% guide tip will be added. Whitetail scoring is SCI gross measurement. Day hunts are available.

Trophy Hunts

  • 150 – 179 in. $7,500
  • 180 – 199 in. $9,000
  • 200 – 219 in. $11,500
  • 220 – 249 in. $13,000
  • 250 – 299 in. $17,500

Management hunts up to 149 inches – $3,500

Exotic Hunt By 10-2-4 Ranch


All Exotic hunts are two days and one night and include lodging, food, beverages, guide, transportation on the ranch and prep of trophy for transport. A 10% guide tip will be added. Day hunts are available.

  • Exotics start at $4,500.
  • Red Stag Hunts start at $6,500.
  • Elk (400 – 300″): Call for pricing.
  • Exotics: axis, nilgai, blackbuck, red stag and fallow.
  • With each exotic purchase: free hog, coyote, bobcat.

A $3,000 minimum charge on all exotic and whitetail hunts applies if the hunter decides not to harvest an animal during the hunt.

Ryder Bird Hunt by 10-2-4 Ranch


Our bird hunts include clay shooting warm-up, guide, dogs, drinks, snacks, game processing, a soft-pack cooler and hunting cap for each hunter. There is no bag limit, and the season is October 1 – April 1.

  • 3-4 Hunters $450 per gun
  • 2 Hunters $500 per gun

Please know, the majority of our guides’ incomes are based on gratuities. We leave the amount to you but request a minimum of 10% per guide.

Duck Hunting by 10-2-4 Ranch


Dove hunting is available beginning September 1.

  • Dove: $100 per gun, $20 cleaning for all birds, minimum 20% gratuity.
  • Teal: $150 per gun, $5 per bird cleaning, minimum 20% gratuity.
  • Combo: Teal in the morning, Dove in the afternoon – $300 per hunter, plus minimum 20% gratuity. Includes lunch and bird cleaning.
  • Duck: $200 per gun, $5 per bird cleaning, minimum 20% gratuity.
Trophy Bass Fising at 10-2-4 Ranch


Fishing at Lodge Lake (Dock & Bank Fishing) 

Fishing Rates: 

  • Bank Fishing Day Rate at Lodge Lake – $50.00 per person 
  • Guided Trip for the Day $300.00 on Bass Tracker (Day Guest)
  • John Boat non-guided $250.00 per day (Day Guest)
  • Guided Trip for overnight guest $150.00 on Bass Tracker
  • Non-Guided for overnight guest in John Boat $50.00


The 10-2-4 Ranch has a top-of-the-line 50-bird Five Stand, a top-of-the-line 25-target intermediate course and a 25-target challenge course. Within this diverse Five Stand, we offer a Flurry Flush and Make-A-Break. This is a great way to hone your skills for bird season or simply introduce yourself to the art of shotgun sports. We also offer shooting instruction with a NSCA certified instructor.

  • Five Stand: $15 per round.
  • Make-A-Break: $15 per round
  • Shooting instruction: $50 per hour, ammo not included.

These prices are strictly for hunts.

Lodging fees for overnight stays are additional (meals are included):

  • $200 double occupancy
  • $300 single occupancy.

This includes dinner & breakfast.
TX state and county taxes added.

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