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About 10-2-4 Texas Hunting Ranch

Experience the 10-2-4 Ranch

10-2-4 Ranch is located near Commerce, TX, in Hunt County, just 60 miles northeast of Dallas. Owners Larry and Colette Young are enthusiastic hunters who enjoy leading others to harvest the game of their dreams. The Youngs designed 10-2-4 Ranch to be a productive yet beautiful game ranch. Larry says, “The next best thing to harvesting game is watching someone else have the hunt they’ve always wanted. It’s rewarding to me to be a part of another hunter’s success.”

This family-owned ranch has specifically been designed and fostered to be aesthetically beautiful, set among lakes and natural landscape for the utmost in quality hunting. Wetlands and cedars provide excellent upland bird hunting experiences while wooded areas and fields of soy and alfalfa foster perfect conditions for trophy whitetail deer. An 11,000-square-foot lodge for visiting hunters overlooks a beautiful lake while nearby buffalo herds graze. The 10-2-4 Ranch also supports our military heroes. Watch a video of a recent Project Rebuild veterans’ hunting trip at the Ranch.

Meet Our Guides

Man With Lab Hunt By 10-2-4 Ranch

Adam Jauch

Adam, a native of Illinois, grew up with a passion for bird hunting. He is a certified instructor for the Texas Parks Wildlife and has a degree of Preserve Management from Southeastern Illinois College. His internship led him to Rough Creek Lodge in Texas where he guided for 10 years before joining us at 10-2-4 Ranch. He is a certified shooting instructor for the NSCA and designs sporting clay courses. Adam has guided hundreds of bird and deer hunts, is an expert dog trainer and an official certified SCI (Safari Club International) scorer. Adam has a devoted passion for developing the future of hunting.

Contact Adam:

Phone: (254)-485-3080

Lindsey And Ewert By 10-2-4 Ranch

Lindsey Ewert

Lindsey was raised on her family farm in Kansas, which is where her love for the outdoors began. At age seven, Lindsey started hunting with her dad and never looked back. At age nine, her mom encouraged her to shoot competitively, which lasted for ten successful years. She has been featured twice in Field and Stream; issue Dec. ‘05/Jan. ‘06, as well as March 2008. In 2014, Lindsey graduated college with a BA degree. Lindsey was a member of Dressed to Kill TV, which was an all-women’s hunting show on The Sportsman Channel. Over the years, she has traveled America and Africa hunting and guiding trophies with her bow and rifle. The great state of Texas stole Lindsey’s heart, which is how she landed at the 10-2-4 Ranch guiding upland game, whitetails and exotic hunts.

Contact Lindsey:

Phone: (913)-680-5288

Mustang Sally By 10-2-4 Ranch

Mustang Sally

Sally found 10-2-4 Ranch in February, 2012. She arrived needing lots of love and attention which was generously given by staff and all guests. Sally’s favorite pastimes include riding in the ranger, running the ranch grounds and being investigative. However, she was definitely placed on staff when Larry discovered her talent…blood trail tracker. If you ask her if she is a rescue dog, she’ll respond, “Most definitely, I rescued The Youngs!”

Larry-collette By 10-2-4 Ranch

We look forward to hosting you soon and sharing our love of the Texas outdoors with you and your group or family!

– Larry and Colette Young

Larry and Colette Young

Larry and Colette Young have a passion for the outdoors and nature. Not only are they avid hunters, they are also stewards of the land and extensively develop wildlife at their Texas ranch. Their attention to detail is evident the moment you pull through the 10-2-4 Ranch gate. That detail is a reoccurring theme and is embedded in every step of your stay.

Larry grew up hunting in the Ozarks. His love of wildlife and knowledge of the outdoors developed early and has expanded over the years. He has hunted throughout the United States and in many continents. Larry can also serve as an outfitter guide for white tails and exotics. His dream, to give others the opportunity to shoot the monster white tailbuck and the beautiful full-bodied exotics that thrive in Texas, comes to fruition as 10-2-4 hunters are in awe of how he has stocked and brought the wildlife to the peak of their life.

Larry introduced Colette to hunting only a few years ago. Her love of the sport, whether she’s shooting birds and clays or harvesting her own trophy exotics and bucks, is one she chooses to share with guests of 10-2-4 Ranch. Colette has an article in the Nov/Dec 2011 Texas Trophy Hunters in which she wrote about her first Axis hunt. Her growing list of trophies speaks to the time and interest Larry has given and invested in her hunting.

Larry and Colette invite you to 10-2-4 Ranch to experience your dream Texas hunt! They are a couple that loves to entertain!

Contact Colette:

Phone: (214)-883-2598

Contact Larry:

Phone: (214)-883-2598

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